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  • Lacrosse: The fastest game on two feet!!

    Lacrosse: The fastest game on two feet!!

    Academic and Athletic Development in conjunction with Donnan School and Vimy Ridge Academy is excited to announce the launch of the the Donnan Lacrosse Athletic Development (LAD) Program .  

    The Donnan LAD program will be available for Grade 5 and 6 student-athletes, male and female, who are interested in combining the skill development of lacrosse with overall athletic enhancement.  The objective of the program will be to develop a foundation of lacrosse skills while working on overall movement and sport skills, which leads to physical literacy.  Student-athletes will be exposed to both field and box lacrosse, while being led through numerous other sports to build upon their active lifestyles.  Each student-athlete will receive on average six lacrosse sessions per month, while combining other physical activities and in-class sessions focusing on health and wellness.  Student-athletes will  benefit from the Donnan Advantage, a “fast-track” into Vimy Lacrosse as they enter Grade 7.  No lacrosse experience is required, just a desire to learn the game of lacrosse.  The cost of the program for the 2015/16 school year is $1560.   

    The Donnan LAD program will be coordinated by Jason Knight, teacher at Donnan with assistance from Paul Rai and Jimmy Quinlan, instructors at Vimy Lacrosse.  Jason Knight brings extensive coaching experience and has over the past five years immersed himself into box and field lacrosse.

    Both Paul Rai and Jimmy Quinlan bring a strong lacrosse coaching background.  Paul Rai has been involved with lacrosse for close to 35 years and Jimmy is the current Assistant Coach of the Edmonton Rush.  They both believe the LAD program will be a great opportunity for student-athletes to be exposed to lacrosse skill development while developing overall athleticism and a love of an active lifestyle.

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  • Taking down the bullies, one jiu-jitsu move at a time...

    Taking down the bullies, one jiu-jitsu move at a time...

    All Donnan students were extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in Edmonton's renowned bully prevention program, created and run by Curt Malin (Donnan's own grade 5 teacher and Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu professor) and Andrew Gummer (Donnan's second Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professor, who also has his own dojo).

    Professors Malin and Andrew seek to empower students through basic self defense strategies should adult help not be at hand. Students were given specific vocabulary, practiced using their "strong voice", and developed a good, strong, physically defensive base as their primary means of diffusing a threatening situation. Throughout the week, students had a chance to practice this diffusing strategy many, many times. They also learned, that unfortunately, sometimes a bully will not respond to these techniques. Professor Malin and Professor Andrew taught the children a number of basic jiu-jitsu moves to empower them with the ability to defend themselves; students learned how to break a variety of grips (and because jiu-jitsu uses the physics of movement, these grip breaks are effective regardless of the size of the aggressor), and how to immobilize someone with a clinch.

    Throughout all of these physical steps, children were given specific vocabulary to use in order to help diffuse the situation. They learned to utilize these specific strategies to stop the aggressor from hurting them, in order to back away safely. This program empowers the students through very specific, non-violent strategies, and they now know how to keep themselves safe should the need ever arise.

    The students had a wonderful time with Professor Malin and Professor Andrew. They loved every minute of their time in the dojo, and learned a lot of extremely valuable strategies.

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Donnan offers both a Kindergarten to grade 6 regular program and Sports Alternative programming for students in grades 3 - 6.  Grades 7 to 9 have been relocated to Kenilworth Junior High Also, please note that this year our school day begins at 8:35 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m.



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Principal's Message

Welcome to Donnan School! 

We are excited to welcome all our students and their families to our school.  Donnan is a community school that inspires students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 to explore and develop their skills and talents in the areas of academics, sport and lifestyle fitness. 

At Donnan, we strive to create dynamic learning environments that help our students become well-rounded citizens with strong character.  We are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and to encouraging active and healthy lifestyles. 

We believe parents are important partners in their child’s education.  Throughout the school year parents can keep in touch with the school through your child’s daily agenda, SchoolZone or by contacting the school directly.  We invite you to join us and participate in school celebrations, School Council and/or Parent Council meetings, activities/field trips as well as our special event days.

Together, we look forward to supporting all students’ passions, both inside and outside of the classroom, and to celebrating each student’s individual and unique talents, interests and skills.

Yours in partnership,

Corrie Yusypchuk