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There is no Yellow Bus Service to Donnan School for 2016-2017 School Year.
ETS Bus Passes can be purchased at the office for students registered at Donnan for $55/month

Edmonton Transit System (ETS)

Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is the preferred means of transportation for district students. We work closely with ETS to ensure all students have access to close and reliable transit routes

For more information on ETS route and schedule information, contact ETS.

Buying an ETS bus pass

ETS passes are available at a subsidized price through your child’s school.

Students can buy a subsidized ETS pass as long as they:

  • are registered at their designated school
  • aren’t provided with other subsidized transportation

Students must pay the full cost of a monthly bus pass, even if:

  • they don’t ride the bus every day
  • they buy the pass mid month 

Using an ETS bus pass

ETS student bus passes are valid for unlimited travel on Edmonton Transit, including statutory holidays.