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    Donnan School focuses on the combination of academics and sport as vehicles to create lifelong learners, ready to take on the challenges of our changing world.  We promote health and physical literacy as well as academic excellence.

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Donnan offers both a Kindergarten to grade 6 regular program and Sports Alternative programming for students in grades 3 - 6.  Grades 7 to 9 have been relocated to Kenilworth Junior High Also,please note that this year our school day begins at 8:35 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m.

Pre-Erollment for the 2018-2019 School Year

Thank you to the many students and families who attended our Open House, participated in Shadow Days and/or visited our school over the past few months.  We are pleased to be able to accept all registrations prior to the April 16th pre-enrollment deadline. Currently, we have reached our optimal enrollment limits in grades 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 and are no longer able to accept new student registrations in those grades.  There is limited space available in Kindergarten, and grade 3 for this fall. 
We are in the process of sending out information packages to all of our new students that will include detailed information about our school calendar, start/end times and supply lists.
If you have any questions please contact our main office at (780)466-8573.





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Principal's Message

Welcome to Donnan School! 

We are excited to welcome all our students and their families to our school.  Donnan is a community school that inspires students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 to explore and develop their skills and talents in the areas of academics, sport and lifestyle fitness. 

At Donnan, we strive to create dynamic learning environments that help our students become well-rounded citizens with strong character.  We are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and to encouraging active and healthy lifestyles. 

We believe parents are important partners in their child’s education.  Throughout the school year parents can keep in touch with the school through your child’s daily agenda, SchoolZone or by contacting the school directly.  We invite you to join us and participate in school celebrations, School Council and/or Parent Council meetings, activities/field trips as well as our special event days.

Together, we look forward to supporting all students’ passions, both inside and outside of the classroom, and to celebrating each student’s individual and unique talents, interests and skills.

Yours in partnership,

Corrie Yusypchuk